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How will we help you in your Innovation Strategy ? You will find here an answer up to your expectations.

My conferences are performed in enterprise seminars, and sometimes as a specific briefing for one or more executives.

Beyond my conferences, the services we propose to enterprises are taking place usually in two phases. The first phase is a complete assessment (diagnostic and recommendations), the second phase is about accompaniment, mentoring and coaching, to support the execution of the recommended action plan. Please read the description of my services below…

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Innovation Strategy Diagnostic & Recommendations

  • Assessments of
    • the innovation and relays of growth strategy.
    • the products and projects portfolio and their related methodologies.
    • the roles and responsibilities for innovation/execution.
    • the management team, the organization and its culture towards innovation.
    • the organization’s innovation maturity.
  • Recommendations and Action Plan
    • For innovation acculturation within the enterprise, from disruptive innovation to incremental innovation.
    • For the innovation strategic alignment, in order to define options to setup, among which:
      • Incubator
      • Lab, fablab
      • Excubator
      • Accelerator
      • POCs & pilots
      • Startup studio
      • Spin-offs
      • Integration in the startup ecosystem
      • Open innovation, corporate venture and related M&A
    • For the evolution of the innovation maturity (culture, talent management, skills, training, protection) and to unleash globally innovation in the entire organization (with related IT tools).
    • For setting up the Innovation governance (Innovation & Growth Board) and related KPIs.
    • Fo technical environments (platforms, data, applications, tools) to support innovation and related projects.
    • For adapting the “best practices” of innovative startups to an existing enterprise.
    • For identifying innovators, hackers and potential intrapreneurs.

Mentoring and Business Coaching

  • Strategic accompaniment of executives (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Innovation Officer…) in the definition and implementation of the innovation and relays of growth strategy (identification and validation of strategic options, implementation choices and follow-up).
  • Accompaniment in Marketing and Finances in setting up “leading KPIs” (CFO, CMO, CIO) and the projects portfolio management according to the 3 horizons.
  • Innovation accompaniment :
    • of the manager of the incubator/excubator/accelerator (or whatever selected mean),
    • of specific “startup” projects (project head and team),
    • in open innovation means selection.
  • Accompaniment in HR:
    • for the management of innovation/execution talents, intrapreneurs, hackers (hiring, identification, training, retention, Talent Management),
    • in using latest generation assessment tests,
    • for setting up a A/A+ hiring policy,
    • for the enterprise culture transformation (objectives, evaluations, motivation, leadership, self training),
    • on engagement tools.

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