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  • DeepCode cleans your code with the power of AI

    Zurich-based DeepCode claims that their system — essentially a tool for analyzing and improving code — is like Grammarly for programmers. The system, which uses a corpus of 250,000 rules, reads your public and private GitHub repositories and tells you how to fix problems, remain compatible and generally improve your programs. Founded by Veselin Raychev, […]

  • Innovation & cocreation: Citi FinTech lets consumers define the future of banking

    Advertising Content from Citi Technologies that champion customization and co-creation are rapidly transforming modern society. Everyday tasks from how you select a new pair of running sneakers to managing your finances are becoming more personalized. This trend is catalyzing a paradigm shift — directing focus away from one-size-fits-all experiences and putting creative power in the […]

  • The relationship between innovation and speed?

    For too many people, innovation equals “it takes time”. In some domains of activity, yes, it could take a significant amount of time, mainly when one confuse innovation and research. Some life sciences research are taking a long time to lead to some results (we are still looking for HIV eradication), even if the underlying technology is accelerating thanks to automation, […]

  • My top 10 learnings from my first time

    In a recent discussion in a conference, while I was speaking about my first venture (the one that failed), I was asked if I didn’t have any other business going on earlier. Well, the answer is yes. Not a regular business, though, but something worth mentioning. Actually, it’s all about my very first time ! […]