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Discover the secrets to unleash innovation and growth in your organization


Every organization has tried to setup one, if not multiple innovation schemes in order to generate its next cash cows. Unfortunatly for most of them, without success and with a lot of frustration. Does it ring a bell?

I have this unique chance to grab continuously experience in high profile organizations that have had all shades between failure and success in this seek of innovation and growth.

Getting this first-hand experience from inside, and sharing relentlessly with my peers, helped me to form a incredible view on success factors as well as on deadly sins for innovation and growth. Every organization is very different.

While there is no magic recipe that would fit instantly, there are key common directions to understand, embrace and tune to your specific case.

I reveal in my blog what I have learned along my journey… To get the full benefits of my experience, you just have to login or register, it’s free! To make things easy, you can use your social networks credentials…

Nice meeting you…


Yes, nice meeting you. Let me quickly introduce myself: I brought my experience of a successful entrepreneur into corporates like Sagem, Apple Computer and Sony. I founded recently Neopost Labs, setting up an Open Innovation initiative within the Neopost group. I love sharing my experience and my thoughts on innovation and growth.

This blog is one way to do it. I participate as well as a speaker to public or private conferences. I contribute as an advisor or mentor for few selected startups and you might find me in some evening meetups listening to pitches and challenging big time startup founders with tricky questions.

How much will you be enlightened by my experience?

Do you want to know more?

Easy, switch instantly on the right side of the Force, you are welcome to join…

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  • Views or opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own and do not represent the views or opinions of my employer.

    I respect my duties of confidentiality with my current and former employers. I protect as well my sources of information when asked to do so.

    This passionate contribution to the corporate and innovation community is done on my free time.