About Philippe Boulanger

It seems I have had the entrepreneur DNA from the very start. You will find in my posts some of the hidden stories that drove me where I am right now.

In short, I had my first entrepreneurship/crowdfunding experience when I was 15. This one has been most likely the foundation of the rest of my career. There is an interesting post on that. I didn’t expect working for corporates, but it became obvious pretty early that my way of thinking and my collaborative way of working were key assets to be used in larger organizations.

Philippe Boulanger

I started my professional journey as an entrepreneur while I was still at the University. After having sold my second startup (I failed on the first one), I started my corporate life: Sagem (a French group specialized in Telecoms), Apple Computer, Sony and lastly Neopost.

You can certainly have a glimpse on my public resume on LinkedIn, but you will find more entertaining details in the related posts on this blog (tag: journey).

I always find my way through while respecting my values.

My strong beliefs are my “one days”:

  • One day without learning is lost
  • One day without sharing is lost
  • And one day without laughing is lost

And you know what? I’ve not lost one day since a long time…

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