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Discover the secrets to unleash innovation and growth in your organization

I can help you. Seriously. Every organization has tried to setup one, if not multiple innovation schemes in the hopes of generating its next cash cows. Unfortunately for most of them, the end result is not a lot of cash, it’s a lot of frustration. Does it ring a bell?

I’ve had the unique opportunity of working in high profile organizations that have run the gamut from failure to success in the search for innovation and growth.

Getting this first-hand in-depth experience from the inside, and sharing it relentlessly with my peers, has helped me form a rare understanding of success factors as well as the deadly sins when it comes to innovation and growth.

Every organization is different. While there is no one magic, instant recipe for success, there are key strategies that should be understood, embraced and attuned to your specific business case.

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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Philippe Boulanger. I’m the co-founder of It seems like I have had entrepreneur DNA from day one. In my blog posts, you will find some of the hidden stories of what drove me where I am right now.

In short, I had my first entrepreneurship/crowd-funding experience when I was 15. This is probably the foundation of my entire career (I have an interesting post on that experience in my blog). I didn’t expect to work for large corporations, but it became rather obvious pretty early in my career that my way of thinking and my collaborative way of working were key assets for larger organizations.

Philippe Boulanger

I began my professional journey as an entrepreneur while I was still at University, starting my PhD at IBM. After having sold my second startup (I “learned” on the first one), I began my corporate life at Sagem (a French group specializing in Telecoms), followed by Apple Computer, Sony and finally Neopost.

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Along my journey I accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience working with innovation. So instead of keeping this knowledge for myself, I decided to share it. Speaking of sharing, I’m also a speaker and coach at HEC and a jury member at Scientipole (pro bono).


I’m also a mentor or advisor to a few startups, as well as a partner & mentor at Senseii Ventures. You can take as well a glimpse on my public resume on LinkedIn.

I’m a declared optimist and as such I’m a member and citizen of Optimistan (Optimists without Borders). Sounds crazy ? Just have a look !

I always find my way through while respecting my values.

My strong beliefs are “one days”:

  • One day without learning is lost
  • One day without sharing is lost
  • And one day without laughing is lost

And you know what? I’ve not lost one day since a long time…

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